Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Olivia is 3!!


Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!! You are growing up so fast and it is so much fun to watch you change everyday. The past 3 years have gone by so fast and my baby is now a big girl. You have had several milestones this year: potty trained and you gave up your bedtime paci. You are a great big sister to Noah and I love to watch you two play together so well.

Here is a little interview Olivia and I did this afternoon...

1. What is your favorite food: pizza, purple hull peas and chicken.

2. What is your favorite sport to play: skateboard

3. What is your favorite thing to watch on TV:
Max and Ruby

4. Who is the coolest person on earth:

5. What is your favorite thing to learn about in school:

6. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
The beach

7. What is your favorite color?
Pink and purple

8. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Zoo keeper

9. What is your favorite song? My God is so Great
10. Book I'm Loving Right Now: nursery rhymes ( we read this book several times a day)
11. Three words to describe me: No answer from Olivia so mommy will give a description: Strong, Energetic, Thoughtful

12. When I was little I used to:
love my paci

13. Favorite season:
Summer (swimming)

14. Absolute best thing about camping: playing in the water when it rained.

15. Favorite snack: peanut butter crackers,
yogurt, cookies and apples

16. Food I really don't like:
green beans

17. My best friend is:

18. One wish: baby sister

19. My best memory: going to the beach
20. Is there anything else you want to say?
I love you too J

We will be celebrating Olivia's birthday Friday night. She has requested a Princess party this year. I will post pictures of the party later..


Eric said...

I think the baby sister answer was coaxed a little by mommy....?

Amy said...

hahaha! Eric sounds a bit worried ;-)

Can you believe how fast 3 years can go? I feel like just yesterday Lula Mae was in my belly... not she is 3 and a half :-(

Every time I have your blog up my husband thinks Olivia is Lula Mae. I guess at a glance all the curls throw him off. LOL

Sarah and Drew said...

How we would've loved to celebrate w/the princess! We love you. Levi & Coley