Monday, January 17, 2011

Change I Desire: A Heart of Gratefulness

I want a heart of gratitude to grow in my life. Why is it that I don't think to jot down the wonderful blessing throughout my day?? These are things to remember and cherish. Things that should make you stop and smile or maybe sing praise to your Creator for the blessings he has seen fit to bestow on you!! Why are we so blinded by the fast pace of life?? I am broken in this area and I want things to change. I want to redeem this area of my life. I have missed so much and lived in so little of the moments. I don't praise His name enough, I don't love enough, I don't cherish the gifts of marriage and motherhood enough!! I want to smile with my babies and laugh with my love. I want to glory in His creation more, I want to know Him deeper, I want to send thanksgiving to the heavens each and everyday.

I want to be grateful and so I will count....

1. A toddler who wakes at 5am

2. A husband who forgives my un-submissive self

3. A day spent celebrating another year of life

4. My loves arrival home each night

5. A messy kitchen after a family dinner

6. A mother who blesses me with her words of encouragement

7. Our first snowfall of the season

I have been reading Ann's blog Holy Experience for quite some time now and each day that I set down and log on she has blessed my life with her words. I have been looking forward to her book release and I actually ordered mine today.

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