Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Day in my Life- Wednesday's

(Olivia's choice of footwear)

5:30- Wake up, Quiet Time

6:30- Shower, dress, Noah wakes and I turn on Praise Baby, make bed, tidy bathroom, and sort dirty laundry

7:00- Coffee, feed everyone breakfast, Olivia wakes up

7:30- Eric leaves for work, dress the kids, pick-up around the house, put away some laundry

8:00- Nurse Noah while I check e-mail and google reader, pack diaper bag

8:45- Drop kids of at their great-grandma's, run a few errand (library and movie rental), drive across town

9:30- Ladies bible study group

11:15- Drive back across town, meet Eric for a lunch date

12:00- Pick-up a few things from Wal-Mart

12:30- Pick-up the kids

12:45- Tidy the house while the kids look at books

1:00- Nurse Noah, read to Olivia, send a quick e-mail

1:30- Nap time for Olivia, pick-up toys

2:00- Nap time for Noah, balance checkbook, fold a load of laundry, my grandma stops by and we visit for a while

3:00- Review lesson I am teaching to the preschoolers at church tonight, wash dishes

4:00- Read a few blogs on google reader, wake kids up, put away laundry

4:30- Kids play and watch Praise baby while I work on supper prep

5:00- Eric comes home!!

5:15- Supper time

5:30- Clean up kitchen, give the kids a bath, get ready for church

6:00- Leave for church

8:30- Drive home from church

9:00- Prep everyone for bed and do a quick pick-up around the house

9:30- Family devotion time

10:00- Put kids to bed (This is an odd night for us. They usually go to bed around 9)

10:30- Eric and I read for a bit then go to bed also

Hope you enjoyed another glimpse into my everday life. I hope to do another one soon!!


Amy said...

I love schedules! Even other peoples! Sounds like a nice busy day full of love! What is Praise Baby??? I really need to know!!!

Anonymous said...

I love reading posts like this! It sounds like you had a really busy day. :-)