Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Scrapbook

As life gets busy I tend to lean toward forgetting this blog and then I browse through my pictures and think how must I enjoy sharing my life here. This is my life, a scrapbook to help me remember. I love this life that the Lord has blessed me with and I want to share it with you.

 We recently visited a small waterpark with my mother-in-law and both sister-in-law's. The kids had a wonderful time and the day was actually cool and pleasent. 

Noah slept under the canopy with his great-grandmother watching over him while Olivia and I along with the cousins enjoyed the water.

It was a fun place to visit and we hope to go back sometime before summer ends.

Olivia's vocabulary is growing a little more each day and our conversations with her are becoming less confussing. :-) She is really into playing "pretend" these days and I find her with her dolls and dishes all the time.

Noah is sitting up, rocking in the crawling position, and saying lots of words. He will be 7 months old tomorrow so I will post pictures and more info about him soon.
We enjoyed our 4th of July with friends and family at our cabin on the river. My parents are still there and we will head that way this evening to celebrate my brother's 15th birthday.
My nephew's are also celebrating their birthday's this week so we will be off to Jonesboro on Saturday.

 We have had a lot of rain and excessive heat here in the South lately so our days have been filled with indoor activities. Reading is a favorite pastime in our home and this is just one of the books I have picked put recently.

Hope you are all well and enjoying summertime!! What are you up to these days??

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Amy said...

I like sharing my life through my blog too! You never know how God may be using your blog in someones life. You may be touching someone and bring them to the Lord! You little ones have grown so much!