Monday, June 21, 2010

Come See What We Have Been Up To....

Today is laundry day and I’m also trying to get back on a schedule this week. Things are a little hectic so far since the kids decided to get up an hour early this morning. Little ones are unpredictable though so I try and keep things flexible around here. We have had lots of busy days here in the our home the past week so I have decided to make a list of all our activities and goings on and then let the pictures do the talking.

~A visit to the Memphis Zoo

~A church potluck

~A week of babysitting and playing with the cousins. We had so much fun!!!

~Swimming at Nanny’s house

~Two play dates with friends and family

~ Father’s Day

Summer Fun...

A Day at the Zoo...

I know this post is getting super long so I will be back tomorrow with more pictures. YAY!!! I know you are all so excited….. :-)


Meagan Frank said...

The pictures are adorable! I especially like the one with the baby's head on the stroller (taking in the zoo)

Liz said...

Olivia looks just like her mama!! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Amy said...

Busy, busy. busy! Love all the pictures!

To answer your question about curriculum... I do pretty much put it together myself. I haven't found a curriculum out there that I really like. I went online and print off the state standards for k-4 and started there (we plan to home school so I want to be sure to stick to the state standards when teaching). I write out all the objectives I want to do and check them off when she masters them (shows me a total of 4 times in at least 2 different ways).(One objective is "Lula Mae will be able to recognize the upper case form of all 26 letters") I was an early childhood major in college so I have lots of experience and classes under my belt that really help me. Also, go walk around a school supply store. Open the books and look at them, check out the materials. I love to get ideas that way. Usually the stuff cost way too much for me to actually buy, but I take the ideas and run with them. I also do Catechism questions with Lula Mae so that she gets use to learning about God too. We always do some sort of Bible connection with "school" because we want it to be one in the same. Start simple and have fun! Make learning a joy instead of a burden! You will do great!

*Glad I'm not the only one who has rough Mondays ;-)