Friday, May 7, 2010

Short and Sweet...

I'm back!!!
I know that my reader’s are few in number but I still enjoy sharing my thoughts and pictures of my beautiful children and handsome husband. (I’m a bit biased)  I plan to continue blogging even if the post are not as regular. So don’t go away folks!!

So my husband turned 28 two weeks ago and we celebrated quite a bit. We started out Thursday evening at my parents with a steak dinner and cake. And just so your not to confused over the candles I will explain. We didn’t have an 8 so 27+1=28. Logical, right?!?! It is a family tradition…at my 15th birthday I had a 6, 8, and 1 on my cake. Anyway…we also had a pizza party for him at his office for lunch on Friday and his parents cooked supper for is that evening. I took him out to eat at Olive Garden (a family favorite) on Saturday. I think he enjoyed it all even though he didn’t talk about it much. I think it is the whole “getting close to 30” thing.

Noah turned 4 months on the 16th and we went for his 4 month check-up and shots last week. He is quite the little butterball and weighed in at exactly 18 pounds and was 26 inches in height. That put him in the 95th percentile on his weight and the 90 percentile on his height!! And he hasn’t even started cereal yet!! He only eats every 3 ½ hours through the day and 1 time in the night. Guess that just means he is healthy.

Olivia had a bad flu last week and spent most of the week on the couch or in my lap. Her fever got to 103 several times and she ate very little. I'm so thankful to have her feeling better and eating again this week.

Well we have a busy weekend planned with a family reunion tomorrow and Mother's Day on Sunday.
Then we are off to Conway on Monday for family pictures with a friend of the family. Lindsey is a wonderful photographer and we are looking forward to our session with her. (Go check out her blog here) I plan to be back with pictures next week.

Happy Mother's Day!!

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Christina Anderson said...

This was our first year to do more of a year round style - we sill have off about 5 weeks this summer - straight -----we've LOVED doing that schedule much more than a regular school year