Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm back (beware of all the pictures)

Hello again to my readers!! (If you are still around after my longer than planned “blogging break.”) I have missed blogging but taking a break was very refreshing also. Being a mom to two little ones is hard work. The load has lifted some but even with Noah coming up on 4 months I still struggle with balancing it all. He has also started teething this week and the little guy is EXTRA whiny these days. I know that we will soon find some order and develop more of a schedule, but for now, I am just living each day as they come.

We are enjoying the beautiful spring weather that has settled on us for the past few weeks now. We have even had temperature in the 80’s this week, but things have cooled down a bit after a spring storm passed through yesterday. The rain was a blessing in that it washed off all the yellow tree pollen that has settled on everything!! Poor little Noah has suffered quite a bit these past few weeks with asthma like symptoms. I’m afraid the RSV has damaged his lungs considerably. Please continue to pray for him that his immune system will heal and that he is not diagnosed with asthma at his next doctor visit.

We have celebrated my 21st birthday, my brother’s 12th birthday, and Easter since the last time I blogged so prepare yourself for a ton of pictures…

Elmo needed a snack too :-)

We all love Spaghetti night around here!!

Having fun in the sun!!

He is holding his head up so well and has rolled over several times already. It's hard to believe that almost 4 month have gone by since this little guy came into our world. Those little fat cheeks are smothered with kisses daily :-)

Daddy and I approve of her potty time reading :-)

Oh I love them all so much!!

Spring is here!!

Daddy and his little girl sharing a moment.

I pray she always lets him lead, guide, and cherish her as she does now.

She is so cute when she is trying to be sneeky :-)

Isn't he so handsome!!!

Olivia playing at a really cool park near my sister-in-law's last week. We had a blast!!

Eric and I celebrated my actual birthday by going out for dinner and browsing Barnes and Noble and Target (my favorite stores). We celebrated with my family a few days later...

I thought my daddy deserved to be featured on my blog too!!

My baby brother is 12!!

She assumed they were for tasting.

Olivia's Easter basket

Searching for the more jellybeans...

She was "cheesing" for the camera :-)

My love!!

All the cousins...

And this is our sweet little family of four!! We tried many times to get a decent shot but this is the best we could do for now. (Olivia is mad and daddy is out of focus) We will be having some family photos taken in a few weeks by a friend.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter too!!

Be back soon...

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Liz said...

Love the pictures. The one of Eric and the kids is really great!