Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ultimate Recipe Swap: Lunches

are the theme at Life as Mom today and here are just a few of the meals we enjoy at lunch:

Wraps~ We just take flour tortillas with shredded cheese and pepperoni (melted), ham/turkey and cheese, tuna/chicken/egg salad, or peanut butter and honey or jelly. I also stuff lots of lettuce, tomatoes and pickels in some of these. you could also make burritos or quesadillas

Sandwiches~ We pretty much do the same with these as the wraps. We also enjoy grilled cheese.

Soup~ Chicken noodle, Vegetable Beef, or Cheesy Potato are favorites.


Salads~ Cobb or Grilled Chicken are my favorites.

 Hot dogs or Mac and cheese are also quick and easy with kids

We also include sides like:
chips, fruit, or raw veges and dip

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