Monday, February 22, 2010

Menu Plan for February 22-28


Monday- Fried eggs w/ toast

Tuesday- Cereal

Wednesday- Blueberry muffins w/fruit

Thursday- Pancakes w/ sausage

Friday- Blueberry muffins w/ cheesy scrambled eggs

Saturday- Biscuits and gravy

Sunday- Cinnamon toast


Grilled cheese, peanut butter or ham sandwiches, chicken noodle soup, baked potatoes, leftovers, or wraps

Sunday- Family Dinner w/ Eric’s parents


Monday – Chicken and dressing w/ green beans, purple-hull peas, and mashed potatoes

Tuesday – Hamburgers w/ fries and deviled eggs

Wednesday –Cheesy Potato soup w/ cornbread muffins

Thursday – BBQ Chicken w/ potato salad, baked beans and fries (Chocolate Sheet Cake for dessert)

Friday – Sub sandwiches w/ chips and dip

Saturday – Pineapple chicken w/ brown rice and steamed veges (never got to this one last week)

Sunday –Leftovers

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For Their Future said...

Hey! Visiting from Menu Plan Monday!
Your menu sounds great!
God bless!

chrissy said...

Hi Lauren! Thanks for visiting me and commenting! Your menu sounds wonderful...and I have to say your blog is girly...I just love it and can't wait to look around.

Feel free to come visit me anytime!