Friday, February 12, 2010

Making Your Home a Haven: Errands

My new chore schedule has worked really well for me this week. I imagine a lot of this had to do with being snowed in for several days. When I stay home I seem to accomplish so much more.

We woke up to snow on Monday and it is just starting to melt off today.

Here is the new schedule:

Monday- Laundry day (This is my catch up day from the weekend.)

Wednesday- Organization day

Friday- Cleaning day

I also do 1 load of laundry every weekday but I let the washing machine and dryer rest on the weekend unless it's necessary to wash something. :-) Tuesday is my Hospitality day and I either spend the day at my parents house or invite someone to our house.

I also started the Flylady's Zone cleaning this week. Her focus this week was the Kitchen but I really needed to work on my Master bedroom ( it was a mess!!) so I swiched rooms. I plan to start back on her schedule next month.

The topic this week is Errands. Just like Monica, Thursday is my errand day. I try to accomplish all my errands (grocery shopping, bank, post office, etc.) on this day. I also plan my doctor's appointments for this day. Thankfully we live close to all of our family so Olivia always stays with one of her grandma's on this day. I take Noah with me now but he will stay behind when he stops nursing.

Hope you all have a great weekend and a productive week!!


thehomespunheart said...

Hi Lauren!

I'm so glad your chores went well this week! I hope you have a great weekend enjoying a tidier home!

Christina Anderson said...

I was so encouraged in reading this post! I've been trying to reschedule some things in the midst of new school curriculum this semester so it's been an interesting battle for me. I seem to either over schedule or under schedule---so I'm working on a balanced middle. If I schedule everything down to the minute---I feel defeated if I don't get it done...but if I schedule it for just a day.....I tend to always think I have more time for that and then the day draws nigh and we've gone off on a creative run with something in school and we produce really cool stuff there---but by chore needs done! I love your basic plan....I'm going to try it and then add in some details or just block certain times of the day off to try to accomplish my duties outside of my daily routine of cooking and schooling and loving on a husband and kiddos!!! Oh.........there is hope! Thanks for sharing!