Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Questions for you...

Well since today is backward edition of WFMW I have a few questions to ask of my readers.
  1. We will be debt free by May of this year and will only be paying rent for our house thereafter. We rent from my in-law's and we get a great deal. We would really like to stay here even though the house is small (a little over 1000 sq ft) and start aggressively saving to build or buy our first home. So my question is how can I make the most of the space I have for living, storage, and with kids? We just recently had our second child and the house only has 2 small bedrooms and 1 bath. I would love to here from some of you who have been in this situation before as well as those who have tips on storage. (We have a lot of baby clothes!!!)
  2. My 15 month old has a "thing" for her pacifier. And by "thing" I mean she is addicted to it and there is no living with out it for her. I would really like to break her from it before her second birthday. Any tips on how I might accomplish this great task I have before me??

I can't wait to hear from you!!!


SJL~ said...

We had the same problem with our son when he was little. He was addicted to his paci like crack! We explained to him that pacies were only meant for sleep time and he wouldn't be able to use it when he was awake. We expected him to freak out, but he took it surprisingly well. Our son is almost 9 and has been paci free for over 7 years now, so there is hope! Good luck!

Christina Anderson said...

Go up and under with any storage you can. I bought the pull out plastic drawers from walmart that we have stacked, put in single rows under the beds where you could access them from the side, put them in closets, moved from room to room, etc.....they've been wonderful. That's my quick piece of advice & easy to do on some storage room........I LOVE organizing & storage!!!

Wow, on the paci, we talked to each kid about taking their's away for a few days before we did it. Our kiddos mainly only had them for rest times though at that age. So, if she's not already down to just rest times, you could start by weaning her off to just then. Cerra was pretty easy, the two boys screamed at night for about a week. John & I held one another accountable to not give it back when the screaming sometimes became ridiculous!!! It worked in about 5 days time and we were done and never went back to them. All the kids were off by 18 mths I think.

Anonymous said...

I live in a small 3 bedroom home with very and I mean very small bedrooms(I'm married with 3 kids). And one of the bedrooms has no closet and the other bedroom closets are very small(think 50's house).

I keep clothes to a minimum. Only keeping what we actually wear, no holding on to "I might wear someday". There is no room. ha. Hang pegs at the very top of closets for purses, belts, etc. I have shoes in clear plastic shoe boxes stacked on the floor of the closets.

I also decorate with items that also serve as storage. Things out in plan sight but hidden at the same time. For instance in the bathroom I have a small cabinet on the counter that holds facial products,cleasers,etc. And a two drawer wooden thing on the back of the toilet that holds cotton balls and q-tips. Baskets hold razors, etc.

Narrow and tall cabinets stuck in corners are my live savers in storage also.

Basically I am minimalistic by nature and hate clutter. To me, key things in living in a small home.

I actually perfer to live in a small home. Easier to clean! :)

Good luck!


Sandra said...

None of my kidlets liked pacifiers so I can't help you there...but I have a smaller house 1400 sq. ft. with three bedrooms...but one is so small its like a closet. Everything in my home has a spot to be stored. Like other posts, I use under the beds and organizing closets to the you have an attic to store things that will not be damaged by heat or cold? Give away or donate anything you do not use from clothes, toys, kitchen goods, etc.

Michelle said...

I've heard the pacifier fairy (google it) works. Really, it may be a week of craziness, but in the long run it's better to help her break that habit sooner rather than later. Does she have another lovie item that can provide a source of comfort to her? A blanket or special toy?

Good luck!!