Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Daily Schedule: December 10

My schedule for December 10:
  1. Quiet time
  2. Breakfast- Leftover cinnamon rolls and bananas
  3. Shower and dress Olivia and myself
  4. Start a load of sheets
  5. Take Olivia to my moms
  6. Doctor's appointment for me
  7. Errands- bank, Jcpenny's, post office, and my grandma's to drop off a present
  8. Pick up Olivia from mom's
  9. Go each lunch with Eric at his office- Subway
  10. Check laundry
  11. Nap time- Blog
  12. Sweep floor
  13. Supper prep- Marinate chicken, put potatoes in oven
  14. Work on Home Management Binder- The baby is scheduled (induction) to arrive on the 16th so I need to make sure all the bills, menu plan, and appointments are set up before then. I will probably work on this all weekend.
  15. Supper- Grilled Chicken, baked potatoes, and green beans
  16. Family night- watch Lord of the Rings together (or at least some of it)
  17. Advent study
  18. Tidy house
  19. Bedtime


Christina Anderson said...

Most Thursday mornings we will grab something from McDonalds & Sonic! I like the drinks from the Sonic & Cerra likes their Breakfast Burritos better but my boys love McGriddles---and they are right next to one another so I don't mind it a bit!!! I always plan Thursday breakfast on my menu in case we don't go out for whatever reason.....but usually we make that trip once a week somehow. It's fun and breakfast is a pretty cheap meal on the road! Up here McGriddles and Sausage Biscuits are on the $1 menu along with Cerra's Breakfast burrito. Now if I could just them to move my large Dr Pepper w/ extra ice over to the $1 menu we'd be set!!! :)

Eric said...

Well you might only get through SOME of the LOTR movie but I my dear will finish it!!