Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November Freezer Cooking/Baking Day

It looks like everyone is cooking up a storm this week!! Crystal at Money Saving Mom and Jessica at Life As Mom are hosting a Freezer cooking/Baking day today and tomorrow. While everyone else is starting their freezer cooking today, I'll begin mine tomorrow and finish Friday. I did my shopping for the month today so my pantry is stocked and ready to go. Here is a list of what I hope to accomplish.
Baking List:
  1. Pinto beans for the freezer
  2. Refried beans for the freezer
  3. Rice for the freezer
  4. Waffles for the freezer (x 2)
  5. Cooked chicken for the freezer
  6. Cooked hamburger meat for the freezer
  7. Hamburger patties for the freezer
  8. Chocolate chip cookies
  9. Heath bar cookies
  10. Peanut butter cookies
  11. Deviled eggs

Master To-Do List:


  1. Soak beans overnight (Tuesday night)
  2. Soak rice overnight (Tuesday night)
  3. Put beans in crockpot
  4. Put rice in rice cooker
  5. Put chicken in crockpot
  6. Mix up waffle batter
  7. Start baking waffles
  8. Fry up hamburger meat
  9. Make up hamburger patties and flash freeze
  10. Do a quick clean up
  11. De-bone chicken and chop up
  12. Make refried beans
  13. Bag everything up for the freezer
  14. Clean up


  1. Defrost cookie dough in freezer (Thursday night)
  2. Boil eggs
  3. Mix up chocolate chip cookie and start baking
  4. Mix up peanut butter cookies and continue baking
  5. Prepare deviled eggs
  6. Put everything in airtight containers and clean up

All of Friday's cooking is for Thanksgiving dinner with my family on Saturday.

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Rebecca said...

I so want to try freezer cooking again, but I think I'll start at 2 week cooking. :)