Monday, November 9, 2009

Menu Plan for November 9- 15


Monday- Cereal and apple slices
Tuesday- Scrambled eggs and sausage cheese muffins
Wednesday- Pancakes w/ bacon
Thursday- Cinnamon toast w/ yogurt
Friday- Biscuits and gravy
Saturday- Out of town
Sunday- Cereal w/ French toast


Monday- Gone for the day
Tuesday- Ham sandwiches w/ fruit and chips
Thursday- Gone for the day
Friday- Grilled Cheese w/ chicken noodle soup
Saturday- Out of town
Sunday- Family Dinner or hamburgers w/ French fries


Monday- Eat at my grandma’s. I’m taking a tossed salad
Tuesday- Tacos w/ refried beans and skillet corn
Wednesday- Frozen Pizza
Thursday- Eat at Eric’s sisters for my father-in-laws birthday. We are having BBQ Pork and I’m taking buns)
Friday- Spaghetti w/ green beans and garlic bread
Saturday- Out of town
Sunday- Church Potluck (Chili and soup night)

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