Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Baking Day: Day 1

I decided to join up with Crystal over at MoneySavingMom and have a Baking Day. I had some cleaning to do this morning so really it has been a baking afternoon. Here is what I have accomplished today.
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Homemade Whole Wheat Bread

Waffles (for the freezer)

5 lbs of split chicken breast (cooked, de-boned and separated into freezer bags for meals)

Tomorrow is my errand running/grocery shopping day, but I plan to do all that in the morning and be back tomorrow afternoon for Day 2 of my baking.

Here is what I plan to make tomorrow:

Breakfast Muffins
Cornbread Muffins (These will be for our supper tomorrow night and I will freeze the leftovers)
Ground Beef (cooked and frozen)


Christina Anderson said...

Something I will mention that I want to try and thought you might enjoy, is sticking a frozen whole chicken in a crock pot overnight to cook. Take any gizzards out that may be packed in, and rinse and stick it in there. You will want about 1 1/2 cups of water and any seasoning that you may want.....onion, salt, garlic, etc. You can cook it on low over night or set it for about 7-8 hrs (will depend on how hot your crock gets). Anyway, all the cooking is done for you and you can just separate the meat from the bone and freeze it. Then, you can use the seasoned liquid as chicken broth to freeze as well. I'm dying to try it....I might do it tonight!

Christina Anderson said...

The Baking you've done looks AMAZING!!!!! I need to do something like this soon! Do you just freeze your muffins and things in zip locks or do you have a food storage system that you use? Also, crock pot becoming my friend, cooking a huge batch of beans and then freezing them in zip lock bags works well also to throw in as a side or with a mexican dish. I've gotta try this baking all this stuff!

Lauren said...

Yes I freeze the muffins, waffles, and cookies in ziplocks and pull them out when we are ready for them. I also use my crockpot to cook up a bulk amount of beans and freeze them. I've never cooked a whole chicken before but I cook the split breast all the time. I would really like to start freezing the broth too.

Rachael said...

I love baking days! Looks yummy.