Sunday, September 13, 2009

Menu for the Week of September 14-20

Monday- Waffles w/ apple slices
Tuesday- Oatmeal (brown sugar and cinnamon) w/ bananas
Wednesday- Scrambled eggs and toast
Thursday- Cinnamon toast w/ bananas
Friday- French toast w/ cereal
Saturday- Out of town (Hotel or IHOP)
Sunday- Out of town (Hotel)
Monday- Sandwiches
Tuesday- Frozen pizza
Wednesday- Soup w/ grilled cheese
Thursday- Sandwiches
Friday- Out of town (Something fast food while on the road)
Saturday- Out of town (Not sure yet)
Sunday- Out of town (Olive Garden)
Monday- Out to eat for our anniversary
Tuesday- Tuna patties w/ potatoes, squash and pinto beans
Wednesday- Chicken nuggets w/ french fries and peas
Thursday- Homemade Sausage Pizza
Friday- Out of town (Red Lobster)
Saturday- Out of town (Eat at football game)
Sunday- Church Potluck
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Christina Anderson said...

Lauren, we are using Sonlight this year which I'm really enjoying. However I didn't care for their bible program for this level. I've been working at constructing a bible program for the kids through scripture reading and now character development. We will cover it all again later at different ages....but I've really enjoyed what we've done with it so far this year.