Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WFMW: Grocery Store Sale Ads

Every Wednesday we get our local store ads in the mail. Since I do my grocery shopping on Mondays this gives me several days to look through them and match coupons to the sales. Even if the coupons are not that great I can still shop the sales and save a lot on my grocery bill. This is what works for me and my family to help us save money in that area of our budget.

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Christina Anderson said...

love it! we don't get sale papers in the mail here---did you request getting added to the list or did you just get them. I've got to figure out of there is a way to get them here. In the mean time, we've been doing "The Grocery Game" online and it's been looking up sales for us and telling us how to get the cheapest stuff! I've enjoyed it because it tells me what coupons can be used for for to get the best deal. You are doing an awesome job Lauren as a wife and mother and woman of God! I love reading your stuff!