Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My To-Do List or a least what I hope to accomplish....

I so enjoy reading other blogs when you share your to-do list for the day and what you have accomplished. I feel encouraged to see other women working hard to bring order into their homes. So to help me be accountable today I have decided to post a to-do list for myself and see if this works for me.

  1. Dust the whole house (done)
  2. Windex all the mirrors (done)
  3. Fold or hang three loads of clean laundry (done)
  4. Vacuum out my window seals (done)
  5. Cut up a watermelon, cantaloupe, and strawberries and store in fridge (done)
  6. Cook ground turkey for spaghetti tonight (done)
  7. Run a few errands: bank, wal-mart, library, and return movie rental (done)
  8. Work on lesson for ladies bible study (done)

I'll be back later with progress and maybe a few other things to add to my list.

* I was able to accomplish all the above plus wash all the supper dishes before we left for church. I plan on posting more to-do list in the future.


mvlegacy said...

I so enjoy the encouragement as well... :-) Looking forward to seeing your progress reports!

Melinda said...

Good job, Lauren! Looks like you got a lot done.