Saturday, February 7, 2009

Church Prep

I have learned since having a baby this past year that planning for things in advance makes life go so much smoother. One important area this has helped my family in is getting things ready for church on Saturday night. I think it is just as important to have yourself prepared for worship spiritually as well as physically. So many Sunday mornings I have found my self running like crazy just to get out the door on time. So here are the preparations I have challenged myself to complete before our day of worship:

1. Have all our clothes picked out and ironed if needed.
2. Make sure Olivia's diaper bag is "well stocked" with diapers, wipes, burp cloths, toys, etc.
3. Have all our books and Bibles sitting on the counter by the door.
4. Make sure my house is picked up and clutter free. (I have a tendency to clean when I should be walking out the door)
5. Get Olivia and myself in bed at a decent hour.

I try to get up early enough that we don't have to rush on Sunday morning. I also try to breakfast simple like cereal, toast, or a granola bar.

As our family grows and the children get older I think bathing the night before will be on our list too. Does your family have a church prep to do list? :-)

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