Monday, January 26, 2009

Olivia's Room: Organized

Sorry these pictures are backwards. In am still trying to figure out blogger.
I am using the tall basket for some of her toy storage. I have a smaller one that will be for her to get toys out of as she starts crawling and walking.

I have plans to take down the bassinet soon since we no longer use it anymore. I just have to find something to store it in since we tossed the box it came in.

This hanging organizer is great. I'm using it to store her blankets and some outfits. Eric thought it was for his shoes :-) Maybe I will get him one later.

Olivia's room was where we dropped off all our Christmas presents and just about everything else we have brought in since Christmas. I had actually started on this room the day before, but Olivia is cutting teeth right now and she has been extra fussy. It is hard to get anything done when a baby is attached to your hip :-)

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