Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Little Bit of Everything.

There is so much to share and so little time. Olivia just went down for her nap and I need to get some presents wrapped and trade out her 3 month clothes for 6 month(she is not even 3 months yet!!) all before she gets back up.

I can not believe how fast she is growing. We went to the doctor on Monday for her 2 month checkup and shots. She did wonderful but it broke my heart to see her cry over the shots. She weighed 13lbs 7oz. and she is 24in long now. The doctor said she is in the 90% of babies her age health wise. What a blessing!!! I am so thankful that breastfeeding is going so well with her.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Eric's family. It was the first time his great-grandmother had seen Olivia. We spent that night at his parents and all the girls had planned on Black Friday shopping the next day. That didn't really work (his mom woke up sick) so we decided to just lay around visit and watch football with the guys. I can not believe that Christmas is coming up so fast. I have most of my shopping done thankfully. With a new baby this year I decided that online shopping was my best bet. And I think I found the best deals by doing so.
My mom's birthday is tomorrow but we had her party here last night. I made lasagna and a cheesecake and my grandma brought a salad and garlic bread. It was delicious!! We all went together and bought her a digital photo frame. (A Black Friday special I got online :-) ) We all had a wonderful time!!
We are really trying to get on a budget now. I am doing my best at the couponing and I try to keep our weekly grocery bill between $40-$50. It seems to be going pretty well so far. We have all our debt payed off except for our car. We are just trying really hard to put as much as we can into savings.
Last but not least we are looking at buying a house right now. One just went up for sale last week that is in our neighborhood and it is right in the price range we want to pay for our first home. We are very excited about it and plan to make an offer in the next day or so. I can't believe I may be moving right before Christmas!! :-) I'm just pray that whatever happens is God's will for us


Anonymous said...

What house???

Lauren said...

It is just right down the road. In the S curve on the corner of Union and Gary street. It is an older home but they remodled alot of the inside and built a huge deck on the back. We made an offer on it today and we should hear back anytime.